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Whether you're a satisfied Vodafone customer or new to the world's largest mobile operator, our guide to the best handsets in its range will help you match the phone you need with the service you want.

When shopping for a new mobile phone, the choice of mobile operator is often more important than the specs of the various phones they have in stock. This guide lists our top phones sold by Vodafone based on our experience with each of the phones during the standard CNET Australia review process.

The list turned out to be a pretty accurate representation of the year in smartphones so far. Samsung is well represented, HTC is present and there's a Sony in the mix. Nothing from LG or Motorola, though; both of these companies have had a very quiet 2012.

We've mixed a few prepaid models in with the contract-only handsets, too. While we wouldn't recommend buying an expensive Windows Phone so close to the launch of Windows Phone 8, we still think that the Lumia 610 is a bargain. Likewise, the Huawei Ascend G300 and the HTC Explorer are good phones for the money.

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NoMansLand posted a comment   

Err... Vodafone is the SECOND largest telco in the world with China Mobile being Number 1..


jacko posted a reply   

It is the world's largest mobile telecommunications company measured by revenues and the world's second largest measured by subscribers (behind China Mobile)


NoMansLand posted a reply   

China Mobile still brings in more revenue aswel, I work for VHA, and Vodafone has released several bulletins stating china mobile still beats them


Javierhgv posted a comment   

100 % customizable , but be careful with the battery, is better to install one task killer, for the applications that are running at the same time (multitasking) ..........


Javierhgv posted a reply   

This comment was for the Galaxy..............

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