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Are you someone who pretends you're on the phone while waiting to be served at your favourite cafe?

With Wi-Fi hotspots popping up everywhere, the need to pretend is diminishing as the freedom to connect to the Web from your mobile handset is becoming more readily available. Note the operative word in that sentence is free(dom). Not only is connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot convenient, but it also means you're dodging the exorbitantly priced mobile data costs currently charged by carriers.

Below is a list of our favourite Wi-Fi capable handsets. The majority of these devices are business-centric smartphones, but look out for Wi-Fi creeping into more consumer-targeted, media-focussed phones as the year rolls on.

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nassy_girl posted a comment   

This is a great phone for someone who like to take photos, messaging, videos . music play and more. A whole lot of entertainment, mostly! One of the best deals in Nokia phones. Rating: 4 out 5
1 point missing because, the keyboard provided is very hard. Had to click 1-3 times to get the letters(very small).
once again, great phone!!!!!!!!
I love it...


Rob posted a comment   

Buttons look to be extremely small on the N82.

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