Bigger battery for the Galaxy S3

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Samsung has released an official 3000mAh extended battery pack for the popular Android phone.

The new battery kit, as revealed by The Droid Guy.
(Credit: The Droid Guy)

Love your Galaxy S3, but wish its battery life was just a little longer? Samsung is listening, and now there's an official extended battery kit, boosting the S3 from 2100mAh to 3000mAh, and even throwing NFC into the bargain.

The news has been doing the rounds of the web, with The Droid Guy actually scoring a shot of the official battery kit box.

The kit will come in blue and white, and some online sources are suggesting that it will ship in eight or so weeks.

We've asked Samsung to confirm if there'll be an official launch of this in Australia, but in the meantime, we've seen it available for pre-order on grey importer sites for around AU$50.

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howedw74 posted a comment   

Will it increase the thickness of the phone?

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