Bing augmented-reality SDK and apps on the way

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Microsoft has its Bing Information Platform team working on an AR framework and apps for Windows 8.

The possible future of Microsoft's AR aspirations?
(Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET)

Has Google Glass got you excited for augmented reality (AR), but you really want something native for Windows 8? Well (as unlikely as you are to actually exist) according to our US CNET colleagues, the Bing team has you covered.

A job ad from LinkedIn says that the Bing AR team is building "a platform offering transformative experiences to leverage the world's knowledge through natural user interface". Which, let's be honest, could actually just be describing a book.

But no — Bing AR is working on everything from camera tracking to visual and audio recognition, optical character recognition and translation to vision-based natural-user interfaces. And they are delivering, with the Bing Translator app and an AR-enhanced version of Bing Maps.

More importantly, its working on a software development kit to allow third-party developers to create apps for the same ecosystem.

And don't forget, Microsoft are still working on its own glasses-based, Kinect-style AR hardware called Fortaleza — could it tie everything together?

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