BioWare considers changing Mass Effect 3 ending

Will gamers get a new Mass Effect 3 ending? BioWare hasn't ruled it out. Writing on the official Mass Effect 3 Facebook page yesterday, the company said that it has not yet decided whether it will offer fans a new ending to the space-faring role-playing game.

(Credit: BioWare)

"We would like to clarify that we are actively and seriously taking all player feedback into consideration, and have ruled nothing out," says the statement. "At this time, we are still collecting and considering your feedback, and have not made a decision regarding requests to change the ending."

Mass Effect 3 launched on 6 March to a warm critical reception, but heat from users regarding the game's ending and its day-one downloadable content (DLC), From Ashes. Regarding the end to Mass Effect 3, executive producer Casey Hudson said last week that he wanted the game to be memorable, admitting that the conclusion was intentionally designed to get gamers talking.

Members of the Mass Effect community have formed a charity petition called Retake Mass Effect ChipIn fund, collecting PayPal donations for the Child's Play charity as a way of encouraging BioWare to make alternate Mass Effect 3 endings. As of press time, the fund has amassed over US$67,000.

Concerning the From Ashes DLC, Hudson has defended the content, noting that work did not begin until after the developer finished Mass Effect 3. Electronic Arts later revealed that parts of the DLC were included on game discs.

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