BlackBerry 10 launches with 70,000 apps in store

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The BlackBerry 10 OS may have only launched today, but its app store is already bulging with content, with 70,000 apps ready to download.

(Credit: Joseph Hanlon/CNET Australia)

"We are launching BlackBerry 10 with more apps by far than any other first-generation operating system," said Martyn Mallick, BlackBerry VP of Global Alliances and Business Development.

This final figure is possibly a surprise to BlackBerry staff members themselves, after some predicted that there would be around 30,000 apps ready at the launch of the new platform at the BlackBerry Jam Asia event in December last year.

Mallick explained the surge in the number of apps compatible with the platform by saying that BlackBerry has sponsored "Port-a-thon" events, where developers have been challenged to port apps on rival mobile ecosystems over to BlackBerry 10.

"With the momentum we've built, we'll continue to see thousands of apps added each and every week."

Big-name apps were a specific focus for BlackBerry's developer relations team, and though not all of the big names are present at launch, Mallick did take some time to name a few of the upcoming releases, including Skype, WhatsApp and Amazon Kindle.

Gaming developers on-board for the launch of BlackBerry 10 include EA Games, Disney, Sega, Gameloft and Australia's Halfbrick.

The BlackBerry World store will also host video downloads, music and magazines.

Joseph Hanlon attended the New York event as a guest of BlackBerry.

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balij2010 posted a comment   
United States

It is the last Shot from RIMM'S Gun and If it did not come out well then I am afraid to say that it is bye bye for Blackberry as a corporate. I heard that Blackberry announced a late arrival of Blackberry in US. They said that firstly it will be released in UK and Canada , UAE and Lately in US


Restricted_access posted a comment   

I read on ZDNet that one of the main phones will be available for $149 but on a THREE year plan. Technology changes rapidly. I doubt that many will want to be a a phone plan for 3 years.


Sammy. posted a reply   

Incorrect. This is referring to the 3 year contract in Canada only (3 year contracts are normal in Canada). Stop spamming this post on articles..


Restricted_access posted a reply   

Which is incorrect:

"I read on ZDNet' Absolutely correct

"phones for $149" absolutely correct

"$149" absolutely correct

"3 year plan" absolutely correct

I made the comment on TWO articles. That is hardly spamming. I did so as a matter of interest for others who might not have been aware of the situation.

So, what you have achieved it to imply I am wrong and yet every aspect of what I posted is absolutely correct. I did not know that this situation applied only in Canada, but that was not stated in the article.

Next time, due try to have just a modicum of civility . . . especially when a person posting is absolutely correct on every aspect that they stated!


trebor83 posted a reply   

Except that you posting it on CNet Australia, and certainly on the Telstra and Optus availablility story, does imply that this is going to be the case here. Especially considering that the $149 part should have made it pretty clear this wasn't likely to be an Australian example, given that our carriers don't tend to go for that kind of thing, to say the your post was "absolutely correct" could be stretching things a little.

That said, the reply you got was a bit of an over reaction and could hapily have been one sentance shorter. I know how frustrating it can be to try and get a querry clarified here some times and I've been known to post them in multiple places myself.


Restricted_access posted a reply   

ZDNet has now incorporated into one site the previous sites for USA, Australia, UK (and possibility other countries). At times, it can be hard to ascertain if information provided relates to a specific country or if it is more general.

The way the article was written gave the impression/implied that the $149 cost and 3 year contract was not going to be specific to one country; rather, that it was going to be the norm. In fairness, it did not specifically state that, but, as said, the way it was written gave the impression that it was going to be the norm.

All I did was repeat what I read and I did so as a piece of information to any who might be considering a BB phone. That is how we learn about what questions to ask about technology when we are in the process of choosing new tech.

As it turns out, on the basis of (unconfirmed) information from one person, it appears that the situation may only apply to Canada. So be it, but that was not known to me at the time of my original post. I don't mind being corrected . . . but I tend not to tolerate unnecessary incivility :-)

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