BlackBerry 10 to feature deep integration of Evernote

It appears that BlackBerry 10 — Research In Motion's (RIM) next operating system — will support deep integration of the online notes service Evernote.

(Credit: Evernote)

Now that RIM has released BlackBerry 10's SDK and APIs for software-makers to start coding in earnest, one of the apps in the new operating system that is generating buzz is a personal information manager (PIM) called "Remember". RIM hasn't publicly demonstrated the app, but RIM's developer documentation offers a hint at what's in store.

In addition to organising functions, such as email, contacts, and calendars, the app also features something it calls "Notebooks" that is described as a "folder-like object that contains notebook entries""

Notebooks are used to organise actionable and non-actionable items called notebook entries into separate folders or topics. For example, you can create a "grocery list" notebook that contains items you need to purchase, each of which can be marked as completed as it is added to your cart. Notebooks can also contain non-actionable notebook entries, such as photos taken on a trip.

The API allows for the creation of four types of Notebooks, including one described as an Evernote type, "in which each contained NotebookEntry is synchronised with an Evernote entry". The integration will allow Evernote users to sync entries made on a BlackBerry device with their Evernote account, as well as giving the device access to data stored in the Evernote account.

Evernote, which has 45 million users, lets people store and edit documents with a wide range of media types — audio, web pages, photos and, of course, text — and synchronises it with the cloud, personal computers and mobile devices.

Meanwhile, RIM continues to lose market share, but hopes to reinvigorate its brand through its BlackBerry 10 smartphones, which are expected to be unveiled on 30 January in a multiple-city debut.


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