BlackBerry Live no more in 2014

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There will be no BlackBerry Live event in 2014 as the company streamlines resources into smaller events.

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The company announced that it will not be hosting its annual BlackBerry Live event next year in an effort to "best meet our goals with BlackBerry events."

BlackBerry Live has been held since 2002. In place of the larger event, the company has promised to host a series of smaller events that focus on business, developer, and partner audiences.

It has been a difficult year for BlackBerry, with the company announcing larger than expected losses in the third-quarter of 2013. At US$4.4 billion, this was significantly higher than the company's second-quarter losses of US$965 million. A part of these losses can be attributed to the decline in handset sales during Q3, down to 1.9 million from 3.7 million in Q2.

Presumably in an effort to turn around the company's fortunes, BlackBerry also announced last week a five-year manufacturing and development contract with Foxconn to produce handsets.

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