BlackBerry Pearl 3G: hands on

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Research in Motion has unveiled the latest addition to its small but beautiful family, the Pearl 3G (or 9100 if you prefer production codes). CNET Australia was on hand to spoil the shiny new toy with a few greasy fingerprints.

For more on the Pearl 3G, see our preview here.

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LK posted a comment   

I offer the following to those considering the Pearl 3G:

A Gen 1 Pearl user (8100?) - I've resisted upgrading for years. Picked up the 9100 mid-week and while I'm impressed....the screen is small and the non-QWERTY keypad not suited to belting out much more than 1~2 line emails.
In short, I waited years for this device - but since then my BlackBerry use has changed (from light user to heavy user).
I have the luxury of swapping for another model with someone in the office, but for those seriously pondering the device - think first about how you use your BB. For only reading email and limited smartphone functionality - it's fine, but if you find yourself belting out messages in airport lounges with a degree of a Bold.


Guigs posted a comment   

Telstra are offering just the black and purple Pearly 3G. Where or when can we buy ones in other colour?


Antinokia posted a comment   

That actually looks nice. I am surprised! Well done who ever designed this.

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