BlackBerry PlayBook (64GB)

The PlayBook is a beautiful machine with an imperfect suite of apps, showing immense potential that could be realised with updates in the coming months.

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User Reviews / Comments  BlackBerry PlayBook (64GB)

  • ssdjor15



    "I think that the above review needs to be changed as the new update (OS 2.0) has been rolled for over 3 months. Would def like to see more apps come in. RIM has said that even Android apps will hav..."

  • NaderF


    "Hi i got the blackberry playbook and when i open it for the first time and make what asked me to do i got a big problem it begins to update file and every time it gives me a kind of errors once 300..."

  • ADSLNerd


    "Well it look like the Playbook os dead, RIM have decided that they will stop production of this product - read here"

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