BlackBerry PlayBook gets its game on

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We've spent our week at Mobile World Congress assessing the merits of the various upcoming Android tablets and guessing at what Apple might have up its sleeve for the iPad 2, but we can't forget that BlackBerry has its 7-inch PlayBook on the brink of release. We stole a moment with the PlayBook to get a feel for its unique user interface and to check out some of the new EA games that will ship with the device.

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Andrew Hoffman posted a comment   

I just hope it works a lot better than it looks-don't like the sharp corners on the frame at all.I think they should have rounded off the corners so it doesn't look like a geeky photo frame from the 60's.


Rj posted a comment   

If I picked up this device without fore-knowledge, would the actions be natural and automatic as they are on the iPad?
That is the most important point.


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

Gesture controls are a different control metaphor to what we are all used to. It's hard not to look at a device like this and wonder where the "Home" button is. But once you start using it, I found it is a much faster and convenient control scheme than even the single button on the iPad.

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