BlackBerry Z10 available now on Optus

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Optus has become the first Australian telco to offer BlackBerry's newest handset.

BlackBerry Z10.
(Credit: CNET/Josh Miller)

BlackBerry's Z10 smartphone is now officially available in Australia, with Optus pipping the other telcos to the post of being the first to offer the new handset.

New customers can pick up a Z10 with no handset repayments on the $100 or $130 per month plans. Both of those plans feature unlimited national calls and SMS, plus 3GB and 4GB of data, respectively. Currently, the cheapest plan is the $30 per month with $18 of handset repayments each month and 200MB of data.

The same pricing plans are in place for existing customers looking to upgrade their phones and plans.

Telstra will be ranging the Z10 from tomorrow, 26 March. It will be offering the white version of the Z10 in addition to the standard black, with the white phone exclusive to Telstra until 26 June.

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HamzaM1 posted a comment   

Hey guys,

Why haven't you added the store availability to your Z10 reviews? It hasn't got anything there.



unlike you posted a comment   

Blackberry's are great phones, but unfortunately Android and apple have a stranglehold on the smartphone market, and the vast majority will overlook this brilliant handset.
Personally I prefer a physical keyboard, so its the Q10 or wait for the next release... hopefully a slider.


RolfB posted a comment   

Finally... I was looking forward to review this phone. It took very long to get launched in Australia, afte USA


Nic Healey posted a reply   

Actually it's only been available in the US since the 22 March. The UK did have it back on 31 Jan however.

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