BlackBerry's new touchscreen better than iPhone 4S?

Purportedly leaked specs of Research in Motion's (RIM) new BlackBerry 10 line show a new all-touch smartphone that has a higher resolution screen than the "Retina display" on the iPhone 4S, according to BlackBerry news site

This older BB 10 concept goes by the codename London.
(Credit: CrackBerry)

The specs include details of both the BackBerry 10 L-series, an all-touch screen device, and the N-series, which features the traditional physical QWERTY keyboard.

The L-series has a 768 x 1280 screen resolution and has a screen that is 55-mm wide, while the N-series is 720 x 720 resolution with a 52 to 53-mm wide screen, according to an internal document that also shows images of the phones' layouts.

RIM has had a spate of bad news lately. In the latest blow, a Morgan Stanley analyst expects a delay in the fall debut of the BlackBerry 10 line due to fiscal problems and said that the company may have to shed 90 percent of its workforce to survive.


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