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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Bluetooth bracelet allows wireless, camera-less gesture control

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(Credit: Thalmic Labs)

Meet Myo, a Bluetooth bracelet that reads the electrical impulses of your muscles for wireless gesture control of your PC.

We've been pretty excited about the Leap Motion gesture-control system, which uses paired infrared cameras that plug in via USB to read your gestures and relay them to your screen.

New product Myo by Thalmic Labs uses a different solution. The Bluetooth 4.0 bracelet wraps around your arm and uses a combination of motion sensing and reading the electrical impulses of your muscles for what looks like highly accurate gesture control.

The Thalmic Labs team said:

When sensing the muscle movements of the user, the device can detect changes in hand gesture right down to each individual finger. When tracking the positioning in space of the arm and hand, the device can detect subtle movements in all directions.

According to the website, the device will be compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, with APIs available for iOS and Android developers on a developer site "coming soon".

You can pre-order Myo for US$149, to be shipped toward the end of this year.

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DougeyW posted a comment   

Awesome ! This what PlayStation 4 should have come with , its awesome :)


MorghanT posted a comment   

i'm totally ok with someone buying me this. please?


AlexS6 posted a comment   

Holy, and only 149 dollars? GIMME NOW!


ClaudioM posted a comment   

I already have a gesture-based device that interacts with my computer in order to accomplish tasks.
It's called a mouse.

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