BMW first to offer digital radio

BMW Australia has announced that it would be the first manufacturer in Australia to offer digital DAB+ radio tuners in its cars as an optional extra.

The 5 Series sedan can be upgraded to DAB+ for AU$900. (Credit: BMW)

DAB+ will be available on 5 Series and 7 Series from May 2011, and the new 6 Series upon launch later in the year, the company said.

The optional extra will cost AU$750 on all 7 Series, and AU$900 on 5 Series Touring and Sedan vehicles.

"Today's announcement by BMW to offer DAB+ digital radio as an option in a number of models is a great step forward for drivers wanting to access digital radio in cars. Our research shows 33 per cent of commercial radio listening is in the car and with leading brands like BMW making digital radio available in their vehicles, the technology can only move from strength to strength," Joan Warner, chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia said.

Digital radio is currently available in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth with test broadcasts occurring in Canberra and Darwin.

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kpatsan posted a comment   

Are they kidding? $750 just for digital, as opposed to analogue, radio. The cost to them would be, maybe, $100 extra.

They're kidding themselves. And so are the mugs who fork out for this extortion.


Unhappy posted a comment   

I have just booked my 3 series wagon in after another set of faults! this will be the 16th time in less than 2 years. I have the job sheets to prove it. DAB would be nice, but only if my car works!


spineynorm posted a comment   

$900 for a DAB radio! that will certainly boost digital radio listening figures! interesting that its cheaper on the super expensive 7 series.
C'mon the rest of you car manufactures and join in and get the prices down to realistic levels.

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