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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Boost your iPhone with a hand-cranked battery case

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(Credit: Gridcase)

If you've ever been caught on the go with a dying iPhone, the Reactor case might be just the emergency power supply you need.

For all our tech wizardry, things can still go wrong — and do. Frequently. We haven't, for example, managed to come up with a battery that can cope with heavy smartphone demands for more than a day or so, and still be a reasonable size.

Gridcase thinks it may have a solution; for the iPhone, at least. For those last-minute power emergencies, it has come up with the Reactor — a case with a built-in generator and removable crank-handle for producing a few skerrick of power when you're in a bind.

The Reactor Crowd Supply crowd funding page reads:

A dead smartphone battery at a critical moment is a problem that almost every smartphone user has experienced at some point. Since the Reactor is embedded into the phone's case, there's never a circumstance where the phone is without power. A small built-in battery provides enough of a boost to revive a dead phone, while manually cranking the generator can extend the battery life of the iPhone indefinitely.

That "indefinitely" has us raising a brow; generating power by hand isn't likely to produce a lot of power, and we imagine producing enough from a dead battery to make a short phone call would take at least a few minutes. That said, details are thin on the ground, with Gridcase not even producing a physical prototype of the case yet, instead relying on 3D renders and a patent application.

The physical specifications for the as-yet-non-existent device include:

  • 400mAh boost battery

  • 500mA manual generator

  • 8.5mm thickness

  • 127g weight

With a shipping date slated for October this year, US$99 will get you one Gridcase Reactor at the early bird rate, with a normal price set at US$129 when that runs out. If you're interested, you can pledge your support here.


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