Borderlands 2 brings new meaning to 'head shot'

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Gearbox and 2K have launched Mount Jackmore, a new "shoot-and-loot" online game to promote the launch of Borderlands 2 this week.

Mount Jackmore being slowly disintegrated.
(Screenshot by CNET Australia)

Hot on the heels of the 8-bit "de-make" of Borderlands, Gearbox has launched a new online promo title that lets players win a variety of Borderlands merchandise — and it's actually open to Australians.

Mount Jackmore has players shooting up a mountain that's carved into a likeness of Handsome Jack, the antagonist of the new game. As Jack's visage is slowly chipped away, the prizes are revealed — a mechanic that we can only assume was designed to infuriate Peter Molyneux.

You can start playing now by heading to and registering — you'll get 100 bullets per day, and you can earn more by inviting friends. We can't say that it's quite as compelling as the 8-bit game, but hey: actual prizes! (We recommend you check the terms and conditions before you sign up.)

Borderlands 2 will be available locally from 20 September, and is rated MA15+.

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