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From this week Sony Centres across Australia will be opening 3D libraries that will be lending out content and equipment for free for a loan period of three days.

Each of the 12 Sony Centres around Australia will stock a 3D library containing Blu-ray movies and PlayStation 3 games. Also included in the library is gear that you can use to create your own 3D content, like the 3D-capable Handycam HDR-TD10 and 3D Bloggie camcorders, and Alpha NEX-C3 and Cyber-shot DSC-WX7 cameras.

Apart from being free, the best thing about this offer is that it's available to everyone, regardless of which brand of 3D TV you own or where you bought it.

All you need to do is turn up, select from what's available, sign a form or two, leave your credit card details and away you go.

Update: We've just spoken to Sony and owning a 3D TV is a prerequisite for borrowing from the library.

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newbie posted a comment   

Why don't you also say that the Sony 3d libraries are pretty useless to most of us? There are only two Sony centres in NSW - Drummoyne and World Square. Who's going to waste the petrol and the time in travelling the huge distances across Sydney? We're better off paying the money to hire them.


DanC2 posted a comment   

If you don't have a 3D TV, you borrow a 3D TV, with the movie. That's what I understand.

How long is that for? And what's the catch?


DerekF2 posted a reply   

Unfortunately, I don't think they're loaning out 3D TVs. Or any TVs for that matter.

What I was trying to get at was you could just turn up to a Sony Centre and borrow a Blu-ray you want to watch, watch it in 2D and return it when done.


DamienC1 posted a comment   

How exactly are they going to make money out of this? Are they hoping people like the goods and then go and buy them. why wouldn't you just hire them again and again.


Jive Turkey posted a comment   

"in fact, you don't even need to own a 3D TV to borrow."
I've read that sentence 3 times and I still don't understand it.


Derek Fung posted a reply   

You can borrow anything from the library, regardless of whether you own a 3D-capable TV or not.

So, in theory, you can borrow a Blu-ray movie to play on your PS3 that's hooked up to a CRT TV.

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