Bose 3-2-1 Series II

This is a beautifully designed system, with great features for the price.

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The Bose 3-2-1 Series II is a 2.1 channel DVD/CD home system with sub-woofer. It is easy to set-up, takes up very little room, and would be a complement to any high definition wide screen panel or TV.

The Bose 3-2-1 Series II comprises a dark-grey sub-woofer module called the "Accoustimass" module, a slim media centre and two speaker modules. The Accoustimass module is the only one you need plug into the mains power supply and a single cable is used between the Accoustimass module and the media centre.

Bose has borrowed an idea from PC connections, using a DB9 plug which is inserted and then hand screwed into the Accoustimass module. The ends of the cables from the DB9 plug simply insert into their respective speakers.

Everything is well marked and the set-up is straightforward which means frequent moving would not be a difficulty with this system.

The Bose media centre includes an AM/FM tuner and a DVD/CD player in a very slim and tidy console. The rear panel incorporates the outputs for composite video, S-video, and component video; there is no provision, however, for an HDMI class of output which is the pure digital connection type. The input types include composite video, S-video and component video.

It also features a useful provision for TV audio input, cable and satellite TV as well as an auxiliary audio input.

Digital input is also well catered for with a single optical input and three coaxial digital inputs labelled Aux, ideal for a digital video recorder (DVR), Cbl-Sat, which could include the output of a Foxtel set top box, and TV for the output of an SD or HD set top box.

Bose has wisely incorporated a BoseLink for connection to other Bose lifestyle systems to allow for a multi room audio set-up.

This system's performance in most test scenarios was simply amazing. In listening tests of music DVD's, (Rod Stewart is a favourite in the office) and music CD's (Fleetwood Mac) the output was accurate and involving with very well integrated bass response at just the right level. It was not overpowering and seamlessly extended the response of the two speaker modules. There was a lack of higher frequencies so concert hall material would not be its forte, but all other material including movies will be more than fine.

The positioning of the two speaker modules is crucial because much of the surround sound effect relies on side walls reflecting the audio waves to give the impression of a 5.1 speaker system. Unfortunately it cannot equal the total immersive effect that a full surround system achieves using the extra speakers. Having said that, if surround speakers are not an option for you then this system should be auditioned.

Most surround systems require some careful thought and placement of the rear effect speakers (and all the wiring issues that go with them). In many situations room design and furniture placement makes it difficult to include the extra surround speakers, and this is where the Bose 3-2-1-Series II system will really win out.

The remote supplied with the system was a pleasure to use -- well laid out and allowing the possibility of also controlling a number of external devices such as a TV.

This Bose system is very easy to live with and will be very partner friendly.

Stuart Gibson writes reviews for through his work with Enex TestLab, which is one of Australia's most experienced, independent technology test facilities. After more than 16 years with RMIT IT TestLab, Enex's founders acquired the business from RMIT in 2005.

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Matthew posted a review   

The Good:design

The Bad:overpriced compared to similar product, Made in China

That was a generic reply from BOSE Australia in regards to their local pricing.
A A$6000 for home entertainment system Made in Third Countries is really excessive.

Go TANNOY you wouldn't be dissapointed.


John posted a review   

The Good:small footprint

The Bad:overpirced

Dear John,

Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding the pricing of Bose products.

The prices in Australia and New Zealand are based on the prices set by our parent company, Bose Corporation, USA. In setting prices locally however, we need to take into consideration local import duties, taxes, business administration costs, and transportation, hence making our local pricing appear to be more than what would be paid in the American market. The Australian product is also made for the Australian market, so there are different production costs associated, including conforming to Australian safety and regulatory laws.

In addition, our prices are set (RRP) and do not change with short term currency fluctuations. If prices were to change with currency it would complicate our product positioning in the marketplace, confuse consumers and purchasing behaviors, and impact post purchase customer satisfaction.
It is important to note that the Australian law restricts us to nominate a Recommended Retail Price only, and you are free to purchase wherever you please. It is also important to note that Bose has anti-farming restrictions placed around the world, which may pose barriers to purchasing from Bose Corporation direct in the USA. As you have stated, Bose is Bose and we are happy for you to own the product wherever you have purchased through authorized channels. At Bose however, we are also concerned with the most optimum customer experience, and want to make sure that you are not disappointed in your post purchase experience, and as such want to give you the details in order to make an informed decision.
Please ensure that you do purchase from an authorized dealer – either in Australia or other parts of the world, including the USA, as there are dealers, websites and online auctions currently claiming to offer Bose products that are not authorised Bose dealers, or claiming to offer products that are not genuine Bose products. The products sold by these parties may have defaced, missing or altered serial numbers and/or product labels, or may not be Bose product at all, and they carry no warranty from Bose. Buying from an unauthorised dealer, website or online auction may be risky. These products may be used, counterfeit or stolen goods.
Should you decide to purchase directly from the USA, the specific concerns that you will encounter include issues with remote compatibility (USA remotes are 27mHz, Australia are 40mHz), AM/FM tuner compatibility (tuner can be harder to tune as the frequency spacings are different to the USA), expanding to other zones (remotes in expanded zones need to be the same as the media centre to communicate – as such these would also need to be 40mHz or the product would not work), DVD region coding configuration (USA is set to region 1 and will not play Australian DVDs that are region 4), and of course voltage (power is 120v USA and is 240v Australia). We can of course change this system over to Australia configuration (at a set fee), however this can only be performed after a period of ownership of at least one year. This is defined by Bose Corporation as a corporate policy.
At Bose, we have been able to keep our prices stable in a very volatile market for over a decade. This is because we base our pricing on trends, rather than short term changes in the currency market. In saying that, we understand that the strength of the Australian and New Zealand dollar against the American dollar has been on the increase recently. This has been noted, however we have no information or indications at this stage regarding any pricing amendments.
Kind regards,
Customer Care Centre
Bose Pty Ltd


John posted a review   

The Good:design

The Bad:extremelly overpriced product

Hi guys,
> I am really puzzled with prices of identical items here and overseas. Bose Lifestyle V35 cost staggering A$5,299 while the same system is U$2,969 in USA. Someone is making a huge profit here considering that Bose is American brand and we have a free trade agreement with USA.

Do you guys realise that A$ is on pair with U$ so can someone explain to me why Bose Entertainment system in Australia costs 50 % more than in USA ?



TL posted a review   

The Good:Great sound in a small package!

The Bad:no HDMI

I got these for the simple fact of not wanting to run wires all over my bedroom. The sound is great and the "surround effect" is plenty for my bedroom. Overall I'm satisfied with the player and speakers.


garett wilson posted a comment   

The Good:very inavative product.It is what it says it is......................

The Bad:way over priced!!!!!!!! concidering what it is,and what you could have for the money you spend on this system or a few dollars more!!

sure this is great for the consumer who rents a apatrment,condo,or house with a modest size square living room, or even more so the consumer looking for a simple above average sound experence for thier bed room.If it were some where in the range of 5 to $700 dollers!Come on this is'nt made from the highest quiality material on earth!Plus bose would more than make up for it in sales.Instead of putting a huge $$$$ sign on it because we're boses!How much could the 3-2-1 possibly be to manufacture? I'll be the first to say boses might be the best in the bussiness,and almost all the products they offer are well
worth the price!This one is simpily a case of being greedy.IT's that simple...................


Hassiebassie posted a comment   

The Good:Sound, Size, performance

The Bad:No HDMI, #inputs

I simply love this system.

Theo 82

Theo 82 posted a review   

The Good:Good system for a condo or a apartment,

The Bad:No upgrade kit to Bluerye or HDMI

I bought this over the 5 to 1 system. that would rquire to run wires thru the condo. I have no problems audio response either treible and bass, for the small setting it work wonderful. I run the tv audio fro my LG lcd.
It a wonderful system of no techie to run. I wish though it could be upgrade to blueray and hdmi. great for audio cds and the radio is good with external attenta.


sfrancisco posted a review   

this is really a crapy sysytem!!! buy something else!


fish posted a review   

The Good:let me think...

The Bad:Plastic, cheap look and feel. Sound quality is barely above 2.1 computer speakers. Overpriced for what it is. No advanced technology (no HDMI, no Dolby Digital, etc.)

I cannot understand how anyone could recommend these unless they haven't actually heard the thing.


Oliver posted a review   

The Good:Small footprint

The Bad:Sound is horrible compared to other brands (that admittedly usually don't have the small form factor); plastic build quality not on par with competition

Deceiving sound might come across as impressige at first but on closer auditioning this is crap. Compare this to a proper audio rig with normal speakers and you won't think twice. This is way overpriced for the quality offered. Buy a nice stereo setup instead from any of the normal brands (Denon, Marantz, Cambridge Audio, NAD, etc) with a decent pair of speakers (B&W, Kef, Klipsch, Wahrfedale, etc). You won't have the small footprint the Bose offers but your ears will thank you.

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  • Matthew



    "That was a generic reply from BOSE Australia in regards to their local pricing.
    A A$6000 for home entertainment system Made in Third Countries is really excessive.

    Go TANNOY y..."

  • John



    "Dear John,

    Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding the pricing of Bose products.

    The prices in Australia and New Zealand are based on the prices set by our paren..."

  • John



    "Hi guys,
    > I am really puzzled with prices of identical items here and overseas. Bose Lifestyle V35 cost staggering A$5,299 while the same system is U$2,969 in USA. Someone is maki..."

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