Brazilian Google head arrested

Google's refusal to remove YouTube videos of a politician has created trouble for its head of operations in Brazil.

(Credit: CBSi)

A Brazilian judge has ordered the arrest of Google executive Fabio Jose Silva Coelho, because the company didn't take down videos that slammed a mayoral candidate, the Associated Press reported yesterday.

Judge Flavio Peren last week ordered Google to remove the two videos — which included negative remarks about Alcides Bernal, who's running for mayor of the city of Campo Grande — and initiated a state-wide 24-hour suspension of Google and its video-sharing site.

The arrest warrant accused Coelho of "disobedience". According to CNN, Brazilian Federal Police in Sao Paulo said that the offence was "minor" and that Coelho would be released after signing a commitment paper for a court appearance.

CNET has contacted Google and will update when we hear back, but the company issued a statement to the Associated Press saying that it will appeal the ruling, since it is not responsible for content posted on the site.

A search on YouTube shows several videos of candidate Bernal, including one about documents he's allegedly hiding and another accusing Bernal of money laundering.


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