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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Build a Lego Serenity with this custom kit

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(Credit: Thomas Lockwood)

Thomas Lockwood's Lego Serenity may not have made it past the Lego Cuusoo review process, but that doesn't mean you can't build it anyway.

Thomas Lockwood's Lego Serenity on Cuusoo just goes to show that all the votes in the world won't guarantee production. In spite of reaching the target number of votes, Lego decided that Firefly's adult themes weren't in keeping with its family-oriented brand message.

However, designer Thomas Lockwood remained undeterred and has now released a custom Serenity model kit on online car audio parts-store Etadyne Industries.

The set includes 2186 new, hand-picked Lego pieces for making the iconic space ship, and will set you back US$385 — unfortunately, orders are backed up until January 2013. Luckily, Lockwood has created a parts list (DOC download) if you want to assemble one with your own Lego Serenity models, as well as a set of instructions for US$15.

Features include:

  • Opening loading ramp and bottom hatch

  • Mini-fig-capable cockpit

  • Light-up Firefly drive (battery included)

  • Playable dining area and cargo hold

  • Crazy Ivan capable rotating engines

  • Data card with ship stats to go on a stand.

Want to populate your ship? There's also a set of nine custom Firefly mini-figs available for US$85.


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