Bullet-time rig made from 130 HTC One smartphones

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To demonstrate the power of its Snapdragon processor, Qualcomm has set up a bullet-time rig made up of 130 HTC One smartphones.

Some of the HTC One handsets on the rig.
(Credit: Qualcomm Snapdragon)

Even though you may not know the technique by name, you most likely have seen the results of bullet-time photography. Popularised thanks to movies like The Matrix, a rig of cameras in a circular configuration are fired simultaneously, capturing the same shot of a subject from multiple angles.

There have been plenty of impressive examples of bullet-time photography before: from light painting to a DIY Polaroid rig and even a Land Rover ad for good measure.

What's special about the Qualcomm rig is that it consists of 130 HTC One smartphones that cover 540 degrees. The end result is an animated GIF that simulates movement around the subject in the centre of the rig.

The results are reasonably impressive, although we can't help but think it would have been useful to be able to set each phone's exposure manually, as the automatic exposures do shift quite a lot when the angle of light changes. See some of the results in the video below.

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GreggaD posted a comment   

Apple troll: yeah but is it 64 bit!?!?!?


RichardA3 posted a comment   

And what magic did they use to sync the firing of all of them?


SimonW2 posted a comment   

Ok so this worth watching for the frisbee dog, but what in world does this video have to do with the speed or capabilities of a snapdragon processor?


Im Batman posted a comment   

Really nice set up, watched soem one do a bullet rig with Go Pros, but mentioned the effort requried to get all the footage sync'd as there was no way to start and stop all the cameras at once.
Looks like they were able to get around it here by just using the images.

Love the force grip and ground slam series.

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