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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

BumpyPhoto converts your photos to 3D

(Credit: BumpyPhoto)

Have you ever wondered what your photos would look like in 3D?

BumpyPhoto, a photo company located in Portland, Oregon, and first reported on by Petapixel, is providing a service that will give your images a new lease on life by turning each one into a three-dimensional (in 180 degrees) object called a BumpyPhoto.

Made from a hard resin composite, each BumpyPhoto is painted with a thick layer of 24-bit color based on your chosen photo. A layer of matte varnish is coated on the product as a finishing touch. The manufacturer advises against exposing a BumpyPhoto to shock, water or direct sunlight in order to preserve its structural integrity.

All you need is a digital image (2MB or larger), one that's tightly framed around your object. It is also recommended that your subjects be looking straight at the camera if you're shooting portraits. No props should be used, and exaggerated expressions are not advised, either.

Should you decide to get a quirky BumpyPhoto made in your likeness, prices range from US$59 to US$69, and are available from the official site.


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