Bust a Name: Best domain name helper ever

Bust A Name creates site URLs you can actually buy.

All of the good ones are taken. URLs, that is. If you've got a new business or site to set up, it can be difficult and tiresome to find a good domain name that's available. A new site, Bust A Name, makes the process go more quickly.

Like Squurl, Bust A Name scans a database of registered domains as you type. You just enter in the domain you want and quickly see if it's available.

You can also type in a few words and let Bust A Name mash them together until it finds an available URL, perhaps with a cute "ster" appended on it or a dropped e-before-r. For example, to set up my fictional online dry-cleaning service, I typed in "phosphor" and "fresh," and immediately found that "freshphosphor.com" is available, as is "phosphr.com." (If you want either, be my guest -- as I said, the company is imaginary.)

When you're ready to buy your name, Bust A Name will pop you over to GoDaddy or another registrar.

One downside: If you really want a name that's taken, Bust A Name won't tell you by whom, or when the registration expires.

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Domainer posted a comment   

If you're looking for domain names you could use the Domaining Firefox extension found here: http://domaining.adixx.net
Gives you a bunch of information for domains listed in the aftermarket

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