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Motorola is currently running a competition where customers purchasing a Motorola Aura go into a draw to win a new BMW 320i Executive valued at approx AU$58,000.

The Motorola Aura and its funky circular screen.
(Credit: CNET Asia)

Has this got your attention? Well, there's a few interesting tidbits you should know about this competition. Firstly, the Motorola Aura isn't exactly for sale. The handset, which carries a recommended retail value of AU$3200 is available exclusive through Qantas via its frequent flyer program. To own a Moto Aura will set you back 273,000 points, which is a similar amount of points it would take to secure a return flight to New York twice over.

The good news is that Motorola is only releasing 250 Aura handsets total through the Frequent Flyer Store, so your odds of winning are one in 250 and only if it manages to sell all the phones. There's also the added bonus of owning a phone that no one else you know will have — imagine their jealous eyes when you whip out the Aura. If this sounds like the sort of extravagance you need to warm you up in this frosty economic climate then you'd better hurry, the competition ends on 15 July.

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Nebken posted a comment   

Woohoo! =/
Who'd want a motorola already notorious for having rather cumbersome and even useless interfaces with a circular screen?!

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