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Apple has quietly slipped an update to Aussie Apple TV users that now allows them to purchase, download and watch TV show episodes straight from their little black box.

Although we've yet to receive official word from Apple Australia about this, multiple sources, including Mac Prices Australia, have confirmed the over-the-weekend addition of this long-awaited feature for Apple TV users in Australia, the UK and Canada.

Prior to the latest Apple TV software update, Apple TV users who craved TV episodes available from the iTunes store had to resort to using their Mac or PC.

Individual episodes usually cost AU$2.99 each, although many shows have cheaper season passes available, too. Once purchased and downloaded, an episode or a series can be watched as many times as one desires.

Via Mac Prices Australia, 9 to 5 Mac and Engadget

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Jeff posted a comment   

Yep, Netflix no longer works, they blame each other but ultimately Netflix is a competitor and Apple doesn't care if it does not work as they have your money. Download 4.4.3. Ripped everyone off, it's the new ruthless post Steve Jobs Apple!


ShaunR posted a comment   

It came, didn't work, then disappeared. All within a day.

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