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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Bye, bye Bieber

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Justin Bieber's Wikipedia page with the Shaved Bieber plug-in (Credit: Telegraph)

There are "internet tools" for all kinds of things, but depending on whether you're a teenage girl or not, the Shave Bieber tool, could be really useful.

It checks the web page you're browsing and censors all mentions of the teen heart throb. It works on all sites, including Google, Wikipedia, Twitter and even on Bieber's own personal home page.

You can get Shaved Bieber either as a Firefox add-on, which does all the Bieber removal automatically or as a bookmarklet, which requires you to click on it before it does its thing. If that haircut is too much for you to clap eyes on, the tool also blacks out photos labelled "Bieber" or "Justin Bieber".


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lol posted a comment   

this is the best thing ever


Matt posted a comment   

Calm down Emi. People are just taking taking the **** Lol someone reported you as writing an abusive comment


Tren posted a reply   

Ijust added Emi to my "Shave List"


Johnsie posted a comment   

Get a sense of humor EMI. Stop being an old haggard b****. This is great. It can lead to censorship to a lot of things across the internet. Then i wouldn't have to use stars all the time.


Emi posted a comment   

While some may think this is a great idea, I personally find the idea crass and insulting, is he a terrorist or a murderer? No, he is an entertainer. Some people should just grow up.

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