CameraMator controls your SLR from an iPad or iPhone

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Wireless tethering is the holy grail of location shooting. This Kickstarter project will make it a reality.

(Credit: CameraMator/Kickstarter)

CameraMator is seeking US$80,000 in funding to make a system that seamlessly connects to an iPad or iPhone wirelessly and lets you preview or edit images while shooting. The CameraMator itself is a unit that attaches to the camera via USB, with a wireless transmitter that talks to an iOS device on the same network. The CameraMator app allows control over parameters like aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance.

For Android users, a port should be made available soon.

The device is currently compatible with a range of Nikon and Canon cameras, with more models to be tested soon. Other options in the app include an intervalometer for time-lapse photography as well as HDR photography. You can see more of the CameraMator concept in the video below.

This is an excellent idea for photographers who want to tether wirelessly, though we are concerned that the USB connection may be too slow for real-time work. Still, for US$185 as a pledge to get yourself a CameraMator unit, it's a terrific investment for photographers who want to go wireless without the expensive overheads.

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