Cameras, gadgets and 3D at PMA 2010

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It's always a treat to see so many cameras in one place at one time, which is what happens annually when the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) rolls into town.

Every year, the Photo Marketing Association holds an Australian trade show and exhibition for vendors, manufacturers, buyers and, of course, photographers to check out the latest developments in the imaging field. This year's expo was held in Melbourne from 4-6 June, and most major camera manufacturers showed off their goods.

To our surprise, the 3D juggernaut was only a small element of PMA, with just a few 3D televisions tucked away and a 3D video camera from Panasonic. Sony was also noticeably absent from the show, a surprise after the recent announcement of its NEX cameras.

Alexandra Savvides attended PMA as a guest of Nikon Australia.

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