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Heading on holiday and looking for a way to keep track of your photos without manually writing down location data? You'll probably enjoy a camera with built-in GPS tagging.

This year, most of these GPS cameras are in their second generation, bringing extra features like location tracking and location names on top of the standard latitude and longitude. We've seen most of the major manufacturers push their weight behind GPS tagging; Panasonic, Sony and Canon are the big names that have revealed compatible cameras so far. There's even one SLR in this list.

Most of these cameras will insert the GPS coordinates in the photograph's EXIF data, which can then be placed on a map using a photo editor or viewer, like Picasa, which plots location data on Google Maps.

Panasonic Lumix TZ10 mapping

An example of using Picasa to show geotagged information from a GPS-enabled camera.
(Screenshot by CBSi)

Don't want to buy another camera? There are also devices such as Sony's GPS-CS3KA that will automatically tag photos once a compatible memory card is inserted. Alternatively, there's technology such as the Eye-Fi card, which can tag your photos with a location. It works by using Wi-Fi positioning to determine where you are — providing that you're in an area where the card can detect Wi-Fi networks.

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JanV posted a comment   

Can I track the camera if i "lose" it? For example if I attach it to a baloon.


DavideF posted a comment   

I recommend a new geo social network to share photos of places in the world, designed specifically to host the photos taken with GPS cameras.
The posted photos are automatically geotagged. You can also post them on facebook and pinterest.


ninkasi posted a comment   

You can always use an eye-fi card - get the ProX2 (in Australia you need to use eBay or via a broker like comgateway) and it will support raw plus insert location data directly into each image EXIF data as you take a shot using wifi location info. A number of other advantages as well - I have one in my wife's camera and I no longer have to hunt it down to get the photos.... it uploads them automatically to my computer and then they get synched to dropbox, so I have a local & cloud backup without thinking..... and when the card gets full it removes the oldest images as long as they've been backed up.....

You can also set it up so you can use your iphone/android to select & backup images whilst on the road.

It's not perfect - the card does use up some of the power from the camera (although most current cameras support it directly so use minimal power), it's no good if you need compact flash, the wifi location info is no good if you are really in the wilderness, the card is 8GB and class 6 so borderline for video, and of course it's expensive - but used in conjunction with other cards it's a good option.


Jamie posted a comment   

Does it also record which direction the camera is facing when taking the photo? Handy for working out which direction along a street you're looking down.


BrianC posted a reply   

No I believe only the Sony Cybershot in this category has that compass option built in.


Marty posted a comment   

Anybody know if canon is developing an Ixus model camera with GPS tagging?

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