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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Can you guess what this queue is for?

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Hundreds queued across Japan to be the first to grab an Xperia X10
(Credit: Sony Ericsson)

Folks in Japan have queued en-mass for a certain piece of newly released technology, but can you guess which product this queue is for? We'll give you a hint, it isn't for the iPad.

Those with eagle eyes will have spotted the NT Docomo badge on the sign at the front of the line, indicating that these eager beavers are outside a Japanese mobile phone shop. But which phone? It's the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 which hit Japanese stores last weekend and marked the most successful Sony Ericsson launch since 2003. Pre-orders for the X10 in Japan alone reached 50,000, and queues like the one pictured were repeated outside electronics stores across the country.

Eager Aussies chomping at the bit for some Xperia action of their own don't have to wait much longer. Sony Ericsson has told us that the X10 will be available through all major Aussie carriers by the end of April.

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Thumper's Dog posted a comment   

I want an X10 so much. It kicks **** My friend has one it is way cool for facebook, twitter etc..


thomppa posted a comment   

I got my x10 one week ago. I'm not surprised about the queues in Japan. The phone is fantastic!


grillface posted a comment   

Mucked around with this in a Docomo store in Akihabara - pretty cool I'd have to say! Could be my next phone, depending on how much it is back at home and once I've had a better play with it.

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