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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Can you really hear a scream in space?

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(Andromeda Galaxy image by Adam Evans, CC BY 2.0)

As the Alien tagline goes, no one can hear a scream in space. But then again, no one's ever put this to the test ... until now.

It's a plan so bold, so ground breaking, that no one has ever attempted it before: to record screaming in space to see if it can, in fact, be heard. Students at Cambridge University Space Flight are going to send an Android smartphone into space on a nanosatellite, loaded with videos of people screaming. When they hit play, an attached microphone will be there to record the sound — if there is any.

But they want help in the form of your screams. The team is currently running a campaign to get the best possible screams to send up. There will be 10 screams selected from the entries — all you have to do is record your most interesting shriek, upload it to YouTube (making sure it's no longer than 10 seconds) and you'll be in the running to have your scream played in space.

The submissions end on 4 November, so get in quick. You can read more about the project here.


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