Canon EOS 100D

Offering the same image quality as other entry-level Canon SLRs but with a much smaller body, the 100D is a satisfying first step into the world of SLR photography.

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  • SamuelH


    "Hi Lexy,
    How is this compared to the 1100D?"

  • anii.kinz


    "Hi Lexy,

    As far as I can tell - the 700D and the 100D are pretty much the same camera in all but size and movement of screen.

    Is this right - am I missing anything else? ..."

  • Danish


    "Hi Lexy,

    As you have mentioned above, this camera does not have WiFi built into it.
    Is there any way to directly upload photos to social media, using a smart phone?
    i.e. us..."

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