Canon EOS-1D X firmware update brings performance boosts

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Available in early 2014, the firmware update will give improved AF performance and other important tweaks to users of the pro-level SLR.

(Credit: Canon)

Developed in response to photographer feedback, the firmware update for the 18-megapixel 1D X will give the camera better AF accuracy in low light when using AI Servo mode. This means that the camera should be able to get autofocus on the first frame.

For sports photographers, subjects moving across the frame can mean that AF stability is lost. The update promises to address this issue by adding extra parameters for acceleration and deceleration tracking. In terms of exposure control, the 1D X will soon be able to maintain the same exposure when zooming on a variable aperture lens. The minimum shutter speed when using automatic ISO has been boosted from 1/250 second to 1/8000 second.

Previous firmware updates have offered smaller updates, including brighter AF point illumination.

The new firmware should be available from January 2014 on the Canon website. More information on the features and detail on the custom camera operations can be found here.

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