Canon EOS 1D X gets firmware update

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Canon's high-end professional SLR is getting a minor firmware update, with improvements for low-light photography and telephoto use.

(Credit: Canon)

The firmware update (version 1.1.1) is available to download from Canon's website. It gives photographers a couple of enhancements for their shooting experience.

Some photographers reported difficulty in seeing the AF points on the 1D X in low-light situations, because of the AF points' black colour. This update illuminates the points in flashing red to help visibility when the shutter button is pressed halfway in AI Servo AF.

The other update comes in the form of the centre AF point, which is now enabled at f/8 when shooting with telephoto lenses and extenders. The previous firmware limited the cross-type AF to lens and extender combinations, with a maximum aperture of f/5.6 or larger. A full list of compatible lenses and accessories is available in the updated user manual.

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