Canon EOS 450D

It doesn't stand out for its feature set or design, but the Canon EOS 450D delivers on performance and photo quality.

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  • JaW



    "I have just bought an EOS 450D and I am highly impressed with what I have found on it so far. The down side of this machine is that it uses SD cards rather than the usual CF cards- so all the other..."

  • Vonnee


    "My friend has this camera and I used it for a night. There seems to be a problem with the viewfinder. When I viewed through the camera viewfinder to take my picture I positioned it so that part of ..."

  • 30ronald


    "hello photograpers,,
    I just want to know which is better,
    Canon eos450 or Nikon D5000?
    Im confused, I cant decide what to buy.
    please give advice.. thanks.."

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