Canon EOS M

Looking for SLR-like image quality in a compact body? The EOS M offers the best of both worlds, with the added benefit of interchangeable lenses. However, its sluggish autofocus may deter point-and-shoot upgraders.

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  • TomasJ


    "Ordered one to follow up with a prompt cancellation of purchase. The poor AF kills this for me. Annoying! Waited for a long time for this camera wanted a decent walk-around that I could use my ex..."

  • aslsw66


    "I really wanted one of these, with the pancake lens, to complement my 550.

    But all the reviews point to the poor AF speeds. Is this inherent to the camera, or something they might fix ..."

  • prhayward


    "No optical or better yet, an electronic viewer finder!! As I like to shoot in locations where I do not want the glare of the rear screen showing (i.e at concerts), unfortunately this discounts the ..."

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