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If you're a Canon owner and you're not quite au fait with everything your camera can do, you can download a range of on-camera tutorials.

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Thanks to a tip from photography blog PetaPixel, Canon's US site offers a range of tutorials that you can work through from the comfort of your camera's LCD screen.

The tutorials aren't extensive enough to cover the entire product range, but there are enough models there from the 60D right up to the 1D X to keep most people happy. Click here to check out the product page, then find the link to on-camera tutorials at the top of the page.

Content ranges from simple tips on playing back images right through to more advanced features, like back-button AF and an explanation of various AF modes.

To install a file, download and unpack the zip file to your camera's memory card, and import it through the ImageBrowser EX software. Instructions are provided on each of the product pages.

It's also worth noting that the files are simply .MOV videos, so you can also watch them on your computer, or there are streaming previews available on the Canon website.

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