Canon Pixma Pro-1

If top-notch photo prints are what you're after, you can't go past this monster A3 Pixma from Canon.

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Serious photo printers tend to trundle along with fairly conservative specifications and an equally serious asking price. The Pro-1 is Canon's newest entry into the high-end market for studios and dedicated home photographers, an A3 printer that uses 12 (yes, 12) ink tanks. Along with the plentiful ink supplies it also comes with what Canon calls a "Chroma Optimizer", which apparently gives uniform glossiness and sharp blacks on prints.

Compared to previous Pro models, the Pro-1 now has ink tanks with 2.5x greater capacity and is a lot more speedy, producing a full-colour A3 print in two minutes 55 seconds. That's a full five minutes faster than before. It also doubles the input resolution from the previous model to 1200 pixels per inch. It's networked — of course — with an Ethernet connection. Like professional-grade printers the Pro-1 comes with a mist fan and tubular ink supply.

Professional-quality prints from the Pro-1 will be available from November in Australia when this goes on sale for AU$1499.

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