Canon PowerShot S110

The PowerShot S110 is an advanced compact camera with full manual control, Wi-Fi connectivity and an f/2.0 lens.

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First impressions

How do you update a successful compact camera franchise? Canon knows not to mess around too much with a good thing, which is why the S110 doesn't have a huge array of new features. Instead, it adds what should be functional additions that would make the S110 a worthy successor to cameras such as the S95 and S100.

The design of the camera is slightly more boxy than its predecessors, though it seems like it has lost the indented grip that made the S100 easy to hold. Around the back, the 3-inch LCD screen gets a boost to a capacitive touchscreen, though it's only 461,000 dots.

Wi-Fi connectivity comes built-in to this camera, which means it is able to send photos and videos to other wireless devices through a suite of apps. There is GPS available as well, though, unlike the earlier camera, it's not built-in. Instead, Canon allows the S110 to pair with a smartphone and use its GPS capabilities to tag images.

Lens specifications are an f/2.0-5.9 maximum aperture throughout the 5x optical zoom range. Full manual control is available for photographers, as well as multi-aspect RAW capture. The S110 will be available from late September 2012.

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thesorehead posted a comment   

looks a LOT like the IXUS 70


Lexy Savvides posted a reply   

Totally. It's interesting to see the designs from this year's crop hark back to the older models.

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