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  • Volkswagen Polo 77TSI (2010)

    Volkswagen Polo 77TSI (2010)

    CNET Rating8.5
    User Rating8.0

    Love is many things, key amongst which is forgiveness. Thanks to its sharp handling, lusty engine note, Golf-like interior and affordable pricing, we're willing to overlook that it's hard to drive smoothly when equipped with the dual-clutch transmission. 17

  • Ford Territory Titanium (SZ)

    Ford Territory Titanium (SZ)

    User Rating9.5

    It's been a long wait, but a revised Territory is around the corner and it will be available with an 8-inch touchscreen entertainment interface and the option of diesel power. 4

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland (2011)

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland (2011)

    User Rating8.0

    Jeep is hoping to capture two markets with the one car: those who want a rugged four-wheel drive that can handle tough off-road tracks and those who want a high-riding luxury vehicle to mix it in the city. 2

  • Kia Optima Platinum (2011)

    Kia Optima Platinum (2011)

    User Rating8.0

    With exceptionally good looks, it's not surprising to learn that the Optima is popular overseas. Apparently, all that's left for Australia is one highly specified model that unfortunately misses out on sat nav. 7

  • Pagani Huayra

    Pagani Huayra

    The latest Pagani cossets you in leather, and pampers you with touchscreen entertainment and navigation, as it thrusts you missile-like towards the horizon.

  • Ferrari FF (2012)

    Ferrari FF (2012)

    It's hard to fit four people into a low-slung coupe, so Ferrari's new top-end model ditches the classic coupe shape for something more practical. 5

  • Mercedes-Benz C350 (2011)

    Mercedes-Benz C350 (2011)

    User Rating7.0

    Coming in mid-2011, the facelifted C-Class features noticeable changes inside and out. Hopefully internet connectivity makes its way down under as well. 9

  • Toyota Yaris (2011)

    Toyota Yaris (2011)

    A new Yaris has broken cover in Japan and will be here by H2 2011. No word yet on whether some of the more interesting pieces of kit will be making their way down under. 4

  • Chrysler 300C (2011)

    Chrysler 300C (2011)

    Gangsters and rappers rejoice! It's time to buy American again with a new Chrysler 300C just around the corner. 3

  • BMW 650i Convertible (F13 2011)

    BMW 650i Convertible (F13 2011)

    The new 6-Series convertible will be unveiled soon. Aside from its much improved looks, the new car can be had with massaging seats, auto-parking, iDrive and, at least overseas, in-car internet access. 1

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