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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Carved wooden cabinet looks like a glitch

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(Credit: Fratelli Boffi)

Good Vibrations claims to not be a work of Photoshop, but a carved wooden cabinet that purposely resembles a screen glitch.

Looking at this cabinet, you kind of want to adjust your eyes. But according to furniture brand Fratelli Boffi, it actually looks precisely like the photo above in real life.

Designed by Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani and carved out of oak using a CNC machine, the piece — called "Good Vibrations" — will be on display at the Salone del Mobile from 9-14 April.

In a press release, Fratelli Boffi said of the piece:

Echoes of faraway places and Oriental elements are glimpsed in the "disorienting" design of this storage unit, which seems to have been "deformed" by a strong jolt or by swaying movements. Although it appears to depart from the aesthetics of the past, in fact, it draws upon ancient knowledge in the use of carving and fine wood workmanship.

The appeal of this extraordinary piece of furniture lies in its ability to overturn and question classical stylistic principles, such as purity, cleanness and symmetry, while evoking a comforting feeling of déjà vù and a sort of primitiveness, matched by unquestionable craftsmanship.

It just doesn't look real. We're greatly looking forward to seeing more photos of the piece when Salone del Mobile rolls around.

Check out the entire cabinet below.

(Credit: Fratelli Boffi)


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