Catch of the Day giving away AU$150,000 of free stuff

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In honour of its sixth birthday, bargain website Catch of the Day will be giving away AU$150,000 worth of free stuff over a 12-hour period tomorrow.

(Credit: Catch of the Day)

Starting at a surprise time tomorrow, Catch of the Day will be celebrating its sixth birthday with a massive sale and giveaway. Every 10 minutes, a new item will be featured at a super-low sale price, and every 10 minutes, there will be a giveaway.

It's not all junk, either; just reviewing the announcement page, giveaway items include:

  • Five PlayStation 3 consoles

  • Three iPads

  • Three Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablets

  • 130 mini remote-controlled helicopters

  • Four GoPro Hero 2 cameras

  • 10 Apple TV boxes

  • Two 50-inch LG plasma television sets

  • 15 copies of Skylanders Giants.

And that's just what caught our eye.

There will be a total of 72 sales and 72 giveaways, with almost free shipping; Catch of the Day's system requires a shipping charge, which the website has set at one cent, so you don't really need to worry too much.

Catch of the Day is deliberately keeping the start time of the sale a secret, so we can't tell you when it's going down — just keep an eye on your email, Facebook and Twitter.

The website also cautioned:

Please note we are expecting over 1 million guests trying their luck on the day, so don't be surprised if you walk away with nothing or experience website crashes/congestion. In fact, if that type of thing bothers you, it's best to avoid the party altogether and join us the day after for CatchAThon.

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Akash posted a comment   

Its all over for catch! Their sales are dropping like crazy. Too much low quality junk from China. This is standard ploy to attract new customers


AaronT posted a comment   

It would be awesome if you can follow it up. The sale is a complete SCAM! There are bots on the website which sees all the stock sell out within 10 seconds of appearing on the horrible website.


CG12 posted a comment   

it just didn't work, even the stuff is available to get, it can't click on "Add to cart" button", then already sold out !


SonjaJ posted a comment   

this is mad I just can,t get on


Im Batman posted a comment   

I am going to take heed of the warning and avoid the site... the hourly sales are bad enough, then chuck in a giveaway... CRAZY


trancedictive posted a comment   

Good luck getting on the web site


timsmith posted a comment   

last time everything went in 5 seconds, hope i have more luck this time


oz kzo posted a comment   

C'mon, Daddy needs a GoPro!

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