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Every day, Catch of the Day runs a sale which is limited to that day. Now, it's introduced a new way of getting bargains — with a longer timeframe.

(Credit: Catch of the Day)

The pop-up sales add additional sales, where multiple items are discounted heavily and are all tied into the one main Catch of the Day item. And, there's no limit: you can purchase as much as you like, contained only by your own budget, plus, according to the website, shipping will always be limited to AU$10 for any one sale.

Perhaps the best part is that the sales will run for several days, giving you time to snap up a bargain — that is, if everyone else doesn't snap it up first.

The launch sales include Henleys watches, Skullcandy headphones and t-shirts and laptop accessories. As an additional sweetener (as if one was needed!), Catch of the Day will send you a free Sigg aluminium water bottle when you buy from at least two pop-up sales.

There goes my monthly budget ...

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