Catzilla makes PC benchmarking a joy

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It's not usually the most exciting of activities, but Catzilla could make anyone enthusiastic about benchmarking.

The eponymous Catzilla.
(Credit: AllBenchmark)

PC benchmarking can sometimes be a dry and dusty task, waiting for results while graphics and programs populate your screen.

But Michal "Bonzaj" Staniszewski — director of the PlayStation Network game Datura — has come up with something a little more enjoyable: Catzilla.

It's basically a short animation about an rampaging giant cat that will also test your PC's graphic capabilities. It's still in Beta, but you can grab a copy — and some great wallpapers from it — over at AllBenchmark.

Or you can just watch the video below. Warning: contains dubstep.

EDIT: If you like the soundtrack, you can grab it from Subsquare Music by clicking here.

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zielonyberet posted a comment   

Hey, Catzilla is on Steamlight Greenlight right now, i hope it will be on Steam platform to buy. If you like this software go to: and vote!


zielonyberet posted a comment   

This benchmark just go over beta phase and now its 1.0 relase. Check features like game titles validations vs tested PC’s. Here is info about this relase:


KarlJ posted a comment   

This gives a SUPER low score for my desktop and it's far from slow. (i7-3770 3.4GHz, 16Gb RAM, 128Gb SSD, ATI Radeon HD 7000 x2)


Shannon.Roberts posted a reply   

Nice Firepower with respect to the processor and SSD Drive. did the software give a slow score specifically on certain parts ?, as i could only guess you were was low due to RAM. I can see you also have a high powered graphics card(s).

It might like windows 7 benchmark, takes your lowest stat and makes it the avg figure ?

Some of my game crazy friends are using 32GIG ram with a high mhz, does yours or have you got standard ram chips ?

Just a thought...

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