CES 2007: Asus to release world's first external graphic card

CES 2007

Looking to upgrade the weak graphics of your otherwise rockin' laptop? Before you rip apart the machine to get to its innards in what will most likely result in a failed attempt for more frames per second, take a peek at the Asus XG Station. That's X for external, and G for graphics--the world's first external graphics-card solution for laptops. By freeing up video-rendering resources in your system, ASUS claims the device boosts graphics performance by a factor of nine over integrated solutions.

The XG Station connects via an ExpressCard slot and houses a x16 PCI Express graphics card and a sound card that supplies 5.1 Dolby audio. Asus will ship the XG Station with a GeForce 7900GS card, and there's no reason why you couldn't swap in an 8800 GTS. An 8800 GTX card, however, is too long to fit inside the unit.

The XG Station's control panel provides a variety of system information, from GPU clockspeed, fan speed, and temperature to volume and frames per second. The large dial to the left of the display lets you adjust the settings, including cranking up the GPU's clock speed. With a couple of USB 2.0 ports onboard, you can leave your game keyboard and mouse connected to the XG Station for an instant game docking station--just add laptop.

Asus gave a quick demo of the XG Station, and while a laptop without an XG Station chugged through a game, the same laptop connected to an XG Station provided very smooth gameplay on a huge LCD hooked up to the GeForce card's DVI port. Asus told us it's still working out the pricing details, but expects a 7900GS-equipped XG Station to go for roughly US$599 when it's released overseas in April. No word on local pricing or release as yet.

CES 2007

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rhaski posted a comment   

if it connects through the expansion slot it will use the laptop's LCD screen as the expansion slot is a direct interface with the motherboard. having a graphics card plugged in here will basically reroute graphic processing to the external card and the card will then run this back into the laptop


arun posted a comment   

from where i can buy it and what is price of it in Indian market


chandra posted a comment   

it is connected to the laptop through usb but
how can it will connected to the laptop LCD?
and how many memory it will having?
like 128mb or 256mb or 512bm?
when can we find that in the market


enemy posted a comment   

me being a dummy i went and bought enemy territory off of ebay before checking to see if my vid card could run the game.intel just dont have what it takes.i'd like to have one of these so i dont have to buy a desk top!!


mblits posted a comment   

Where oh where and when oh when can I get it? I have searched and searched the internet but cannot seem to find it anywhere (including ASUS web-site)


hc posted a comment   

is it only for external moniters


andrewkal3 posted a comment   

they will be the same price 600 and and a more powerfull will have an sli and quad sli ver comming out with in 6 month or its released uut will start at 1000 bux but will be worth it for more air flow and cooling opp

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