CES 2014 Full Wrap: the show in review

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Nic Healey can usually be found on a couch muttering about aspect ratios and 7.1 channel sound - which is helpful given that he's the home entertainment guy at CNET.

With a show as big as CES, it's always hard to distil it down to just a few key themes and products.

But that certainly isn't going to stop us from trying. In our last daily wrap video, we look at what 'wowed' at CES and what left us scratching our heads in mild bemusement.

There was plenty we didn't get a chance to touch on, however, such as the innovations happening with laptops and PCs — especially PC gaming — as well as smartphones, Intel's Edison, tablets and more.

Our coverage of the CES 'fallout' will continue well into next week (and beyond) so keep checking back as we discuss what 2014 will hold for world of tech.

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