CES 2014 gaming preview: gaining steam

For the first time in recent memory, gaming may have a significant presence at CES.

(Credit: Valve)

Historically — or at least at the six CES shows I've attended so far — the big show hasn't been the best platform for video games. Sure, there's usually a presence of third-party console accessory manufacturers and a fair amount of impressive PC gaming hardware, but 2014 might make some serious gaming headlines.

We already know that Valve's SteamOS platform is going to be making a major showing at CES 2014, so we're anticipating Steam Machines (or SteamBoxes) not just from Valve, but from a bevy of third-party PC makers as well. The biggest news we're hoping to get from the show is the prices of these machines, and of course, details on their horsepower. How these specs play out should make for a interesting next couple of years as the next-generation consoles wars go from lukewarm to scalding hot.

Look for the Oculus Rift to make another splash at CES 2014 now that the heavily funded start-up has had plenty of time to further refine and develop. How close will we be to an actual retail release? We hope to find out.

So what else might CES 2014 have up its sleeve for gamers? We're sure to see more iOS controllers for iPhone as that market slowly but surely begins to expand. Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but maybe we'll be lucky enough to squeeze some details out of Sony regarding the company's Gaikai streaming solution for PlayStation 4. We can dream, can't we?

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