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Although the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is still two days away, Sunday afternoon (Las Vegas time) played host to the CES Unveiled event, an early sneak peek of what can be expected from the show itself. Here are some of the things that caught our eye.

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Rebelstorm posted a comment   

I'm still wondering how many hazards the Glasses might create, unless they have an app that warns you, obstacle ahead. lol The Luggage Tracker is my favorite so far, what a simple but highly marketable device, would like shares in that Company. ;-) Wooden Headphones, I love wood, but the weight factor will be interesting to know.


Im Batman posted a comment   

Cool to see some competition/development to Google Glass, helps drive things along... currenty these look a bit ungamely to me, but i am sure they will clean up the deisgn.

Those mice a nuts, love the design and intent... and battery life!! wow.

The headphones, i am on the weird side of the fence!!

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