Chinese popstar leaks iPhone 5 on Weibo?

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Even with the strictest secrecy in place, it seems Apple can't trust its latest iPhone with popstars these days.

Lin posing with what he says is the iPhone 5.
(Credit: Jimmy Lin)

Former-pop great Jimmy Lin has posted a series of photos to Chinese social networking site Weibo, showing him holding and using an iPhone that is noticeably larger than the current generation Apple smartphone. It has an aluminium backplate, the smaller docking port that was rumoured recently and a larger display. Also in line with the rumour mill, the 3.5mm headphone socket is on the bottom of the device that is held by Lin.

The pictures have spread quickly, thanks to Lin's 13.6 million Weibo feed subscribers.

Lin rose to prominence in China in the early Nineties, selling 10-million albums before he turned 20. He is now a race car driver, but could he also be an Apple antagonist? China is the home of replica electronics, and it would not be impossible for a stylish fake to be created for Lin's hungry Weibo readership. The fact that the homescreen always shows the same image, sets off our Spidey-senses. Or, this is the real thing, and Apple is going to need one massive feature to get us excited about a phone that looks so much like the ones that have come before it.

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Nelsonboquin posted a comment   

why does the iphone on the IOS 6 link on website have two speakers?


RossB1 posted a comment   

Fake. Look at the screen, it's not actually a screen. It's a mockup. This probably does look very similar to the real device though. Seriously, Cnet does **** views...


AlanS4 posted a comment   

This is fake. The screw heads at the bottom are wrong.


OdedY posted a comment   

enough already

it's the same wannabe mockup that GSM Israel displayed, and retracted

it's not worth the clicks on the story

it makes tech journalism look really really bad

and lets think about it, really, who gives a **** we'll know when apple finally decides to show the damn thing off.

and believe me no matter it will be called, it will be superkalefragelistically exciting, and the bestest ever piece of silicone, glass and aluminum ever to come out of a chinese alleged sweatshop

sadly, most of humanity will actually think that, and even most of those who know this is crap will want one (present company kinda included, though i'm more into HTC)

in nomine ipad et iphone et spiritu jobs



TylerS2 posted a comment   

Mock up dummy display unit.


weaponfx posted a comment   

This won't be real.
Simple observation, as the Authour points out the screen is always the same; when he is appearing to swipe it's the same, I'd imagine that would be the one photo that would at least show a different screen.
When it's side by side with the 4, why is the 5 screen on and the 4 not? you would think that both screens would be lit up in a comparison shot. Looks more like the screens demo/display models in stores have.

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